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Dear Business Partners,

Due to the effects of the corona pandemic, we will not be participating in trade fairs at the moment.
We ask for your understanding.
We are not yet able to make any concrete statements for the first half of 2021.
Please don't hesitate to contact us, if there are any questions.

Your EMS Team



Please take a look at our new carnival / carnival collection via the link provided and let us make you an offer.

Your EMS Team

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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

What is EDI?
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is very easy to understand. You just need to know about two things. First, EDI replaces paper documents with electronic documents. And then the data is transmitted in a document in a standard format so that the sender and recipient can read the document exactly. Hence the term Electronic Data Interchange or EDI.

What are EDI documents?
What are EDI envelopes?
Paper-based transactions compared to electronic transactions


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