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Company history

In October 1938 Franz Henke founded a trading company for sewing articles. These have been standard products in the region of Wuppertal with its long textile tradition in different technologies. During the next years the business grew and in 1978 a new partnership with Mr. Harald Schmidt and his wife, was the next step to more expansion. The married couple together bought in 1980 a small textile company which produced crocket works and bone laces. And at this point the name EMS for the production unit was established. So both companies were acting in the textile market, but with different priority programs. In the time between 1980 and 1997 more different kind of textile technologies from smaller companies came together and at least the company EMS had roughly 50 employees.

In 1998 Wolfgang Wurst became the new business partner of Harald Schmidt. Starting at that time until to year 2000, EMS was expanding to an allrounder in the textile market: In completing a variety of other products and offering them to a fast growing business. The different products and articles are coming today from a lot of suppliers around the world, especially Asia. The product range includes today:

  • feather fringes
  • elastic ribbons
  • ribbons
  • cotton laces
  • tulle laces
  • brocade and lurex
  • jacquard braid
  • motifs
  • cord, piping, ric rac

Our customers are also around the world. They do their business in different kinds of the textile production range. There are big garment manufacturer beside the great trading companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Also the small stores for individual customer requests, Designer or the big retailers are clients, who have questions about special solutions or asking for a development of a new design. Today EMS can offer a range of approximately 3000 articles in ca. 3-20 variations. The shop floor and warehouse is on a ground of ca 1000 square meter. If the goods are on stock we will deliver on the same day. So for the customer we can offer a lot of advantages: Creating bulk orders, call offs from stock, delivery on demand and so on.

For every demand EMS is searching in his great portfolio of excellent suppliers around the world for the best solution for our clients, in this case it doesn´t matter if they are great or small.


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